February 2, 2016


[Strength][Weight Loss][Flexibility] [Core Training] [Weightlifting]: Strong is Beautiful
[Cardio] [Speed] [Agility]: Boxing/kickboxing – Life is hard, but you’ll hit harder.
[Body Image][Body Bold]: Fat Reduction, Lean Muscle Gain, Looks to Kill..

1-on-1 (at private studio or at home): $40-60/hr | $30-40/half-hr
*Discount packages available; price ranges vary depending on location and session time (e.g. 60 min, 45 min, 35 min)

Hours: Monday – Sunday | Weekday Morning (5-7:30am), Afternoon (4:30-7pm) and Night (7-11pm); Weekends All Day

We cover the downtown LA area and the training location is your choice! We can train you at your apartment/home gym, outdoors or if you prefer to train at a private fitness studio.