Exercising and Fitness for Life

When we entered the fitness industry, we were excited to share our fitness knowledge with individuals from all walks of life. In addition to building our repertoire in exercise fitness for females, males, the active and the inactive, we’ve focused our skill sets in building our expertise in fitness for life. This means understanding the physiological, psychological and even social fitness and exercise needs of individuals from all stages in life; most especially, older adults and seniors.

Although we have a few years until we can enjoy the golden years of retirement, we’ve worked with quite a few senior clients and aging family members in improving their health and fitness levels as they cruise into their fun years. ¬†We know that after those decades of hard work, folks reaching their golden years are eager to enjoy retirement, take trips and play with their grandchildren. Our goal is to make these even more enjoyable by improving senior fitness through better balance, motor coordination, muscle strength and cardiorespiratory health.

Below you’ll find a list of our training highlights with seniors and improving fitness for life:

  • Training programs incorporates exercise that accommodates the physiological and anatomical changes and challenges of aging
  • Communication and motivation that is cognizant of the psychological, physical, social and emotional well-being of older adults
  • Flexibility, core, balance and cardiorespiratory exercise programs that are specifically tailored for older adults

Photo via National Academy of Sports Medicine (Senior Fitness Specialization)

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